We being the pioneer in starting Laser Engraving and Marking services in Pune in 2006 and having an experience of 14 years, we can offer you the best service in Pune. We have 4 industrial laser machines which makes us capable of faster turnaround time. With high productivity, we also offer best rates to our customers.

Laser marking is a process of using the Laser beam to alter the appearance or the properties of surface on which it it applied. Here, the surface is burnt, of scribbled or reacted upon by the laser to mark the logos, QR codes, Barcodes or any alphanumeric part numbers or codes for identification. This is a permanent marking which do not involve any chemical, inks or dyes. Laser marking is done on number of components or objects or products.



In this, the laser removes the surface physically and makes a cavity of the desired text shape or size. This creates a deep marking on the surface. In this, also comes the laser ablation process which is often used to remove the coatings on the materials, for e.g. powder coating, anodizing or paint, etc. The engraving is used on the surfaces which are exposed to rough handling, friction or rough use.



We are the dark horse in the field of UV flatbed printing in Pune. Being one of the first in bringing the technology way back in 2011. We are now the most experienced team with specialists who can perform to the highest possible quality for our customers. Since, these 10 years we have been providing the most innovative and unmatched services for the sign makers, advertising agencies, architects and interior designers, various industries and applications for both commercial and consumer products.



Laser Cutting is a technology which enables to create a 2D object from a flat material sheet. It can cut different materials such as acrylic, MDF, plastics, wood, cardboard, paper, leather, etc. Your CAD or Vector files are directly converted or used for cutting with the machine software. We can cut it with a thickness up to 20 mm in acrylic, 8 mm in MDF. At Panse lasers, we use continuous laser cutter with the ball screw and lead screw which can give high quality and accurate jobs with faster speed.


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