Laser Cutting is a technology which enables to create a 2d object from a flat material sheet. It can cut init different materials such as plastic, wood, cardboard and paper etc. Your CAD or vector files are directly converted or used for cutting with the machine software . We can cut it with a thickness up to 20 mm in acrylic, 8 mm in MDF.. At Panse lasers we use continuous laser cutter with the ball screw and lead screw which can give high quality and accurate jobs with faster speed. 



  • Engineering components
  • Automotive Parts
  • Machine Parts
  • Electronic components
  • Gauges and Tools
  • Medical Implants and Instruments
  • Machine components
  • Scales
  • Logos
  • Gold and silver Jewelry
  • Promotion and gift items
  • Anodised nameplates
  • Stainless steel nameplates
  • Personalised Pen
  • Logo key chains
  • Sipper bottles and Mugs
  • Mementos and awards
  • Personalised wedding rings
  • Cattle tags with barcode and QR codes
  • Pet / Dog Tags
  • Musical instruments like flute, Mouth Organ and Guitar etc.

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