Welcome to the world of GLASSNOVAS. Toughened Glass Splashbacks.


We at GLASSNOVAS, offer customised as well as standard glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms. A splashback in the kitchen is more than just a pretty way to decorate. A splashback helps to protect your walls and other areas near your cooking space along with many other advantages. We provide end to end solution to our customers. With an emphasis on innovation and design our splashbacks can be used in hospitals, restaurants and reception counters.

At our state-of-the-art facility, we are committed to provide highest quality of splashbacks by using the latest technologies available.

GLASSNOVAS will make you experience innovation, technology, design and personalisation – all in one.

So be bold, be creative. Take personal styling to the next level with high resolution glass printing.

Our advance printing technology enables limitless options for splashback designs.

It gives a great freedom to architects and interior designers to choose from a wide variety of design options and even create and print their own designs leading to a highly personalized experience.


Why Glassnovas Splashbacks?

We are a one stop solution for the glass splashbacks and no need to run around looking for designers, carpenters and glass fitting agencies. We provide an end-to-end solution for the glass splashbacks.

Our services include following:

  • Site visit to check the feasibility and taking up the measurements as required
  • Making necessary schematic drawings and accordingly give the quotation
  • After approval of quote, site preparation which involves the surface preparation by checking the levels / flatness, etc. and repairing it with PoP. Fixing of cement sheet or ply as per requirement on the walls as the glass needs to be installed on a flat surface
  • Design discussion with the customer and giving appropriate colour, graphic and design options as per choice
  • Making templates (Farma) to get the actual dimensions of the glass to be fitted on the walls
  • Cutting and machining the glass as per the sizes of the templates. Cutting the slots and holes by water jet machining for switch boards, plumbing /water outlets or any other provisions
  • Digitally Print and secure it with back paint the approved design on the glass
  • Install the glasses on to the walls with special adhesives and tools according to the design

With this, we assure a turnkey and one stop solution for your glass splashbacks. It cuts the number of agencies involved and thereby achieving desired quality as we take the complete responsibility.


Advantages of Glass Splashbacks

  • Available in amazing range of colours, images, designs, texture, patterns, etc.
  • It is clean and ease of installation
  • The elimination of many joints
  • The ease by which it can be cleaned
  • Glass offers anti-bacterial protection for your kitchen surfaces
  • Glass is tough, tough, tough! Its guaranteed heat and impact resistance, equivalent to safety glass, means a surface you can depend on.
  • The splashbacks can be fitted on to existing old wall tiles, if you only want to renovate the splashback

In short only toughened, scratch-proof glass splashbacks are the most versatile, toughest, most heat resistant, cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking surface when compared with other traditional materials like natural stone, tiles, etc.


Glassnovas Technical Specifications

  • Glass: From 6mm,10mm,19mm and 25mm low iron extra clear, with options of Cut-outs, shapes.
  • Sheet size: 2400mm x 1200mm
  • Recommended Use: Splashbacks and worktops for Receptions, Boardrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bar Fronts and Tops, Wall Cladding, Leisure Centres and Gyms, Shower Screen, Office, Hotels and Restaurants
  • Longevity: The Colours and the prints last for more than 10 years
  • Resistance: Non porous, heat shock resistant (up to 200°C), stain, acid, chemical and water resistant

Buying Options:

Available as supply only, full service or for collection from the our factory

Lead Time

3-4 days for standard splashbacks and 10-15 days for customised splashbacks.