In this, the laser removes the surface physically and makes a cavity of the desired text shape or size. This creates a deep marking on the surface. In this also comes the laser ablation process which is often used to remove the coatings on the materials, e.g. powder coating, anodizing or paint, etc. The engraving is used on the surfaces which are exposed to rough handling, friction or rough use.


What materials can be Laser Engraved ?

Similar to laser marking, engraving is possible on virtually any material..!! We generally engrave on various metals, acrylic, wood, laser-able plastics, trifoliate and laser ply nameplates, paper, birch ply, MDF, etc.



  • Permanent
  • Aesthetic
  • Fast
  • Flexible (Serial Numbering, Data Matrix, Bar coding, QR Codes)
  • Clean and Safe
  • Environment Friendly
  • A non-contact process ( Can also be done on thin and delicate materials)
  • User-friendly and Low Costs of preparation
  • Wide range of materials

Laser Engraving Applications

  • Scales
  • Logos
  • Backlit Switches
  • Nameplates
  • Die and Moulds
  • Gold and Silver Jewelry
  • Promotion and Gift Items
  • Acrylic Products
  • MDF Products
  • Veneer Products