I was very excited to install my customised toughened glass splash back from Shaunak Panse of Panse Lasers , a person with a very optimistic and positive attitude I have seen so far. While many were skeptical about having a Glass backsplash for my kitchen I was confident that Glassnovas would be a perfect choice. The work started on time and finished on time. Appointments, measurements, discussions, suggestions, selection, finalizing…you name it and it was done with utmost care, patience and satisfaction. I wasn’t looking for the normal tiles which are less costly back splash earlier but I know the Glassnovas toughened glass splash back will turn out to be cost effective in time. While I am experiencing so now I must say Glassnovas is an elegant and perfect solution for a modern kitchen.
Shaunak and team Panse Lasers , Thanks a ton and Wish you all the best!